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11th Annual 3D Art Experience
New Orleans Jazz Fest
Art Layaway Plan
10th Annual 3D Experience
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Limited edition canvas prints that are hand embellished by Scramble. After the canvas is printed, it is then stretched onto a wooden frame. Scramble uses the same acrylic paint he uses to paint the original adding detail, splatter and texture. This embellishment enhances the canvas print making each print an original on its own.

In the Gallery, at the bottom left of the art page, there is a short video by Scramble that describes the process he goes thru to personalize each canvas. These Limited Edition Prints are approximately 24”x 36” and average $550-$800. This is a great way to own the painting you’ve always wanted. Best of all the editions are very small (usually under 25) and each print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Happy Collecting!
Folks Festival
Jazzfest 2011 Crowd Scene