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11th Annual 3D Art Experience
New Orleans Jazz Fest
Art Layaway Plan
10th Annual 3D Experience
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Annual Exhibit at Red Rocks
Once again, Scramble will be sharing his newest works at his annual Red Rocks Art Exhibit. June 23-27. The show will be open daily from 10 am until 3pm on days of the Widespread Panic shows. Then it will reopen with doors until the end of concerts.

Scramble is no stranger to this type of show. He has been exhibiting in the Visitorís Center consecutively for 8 years. Each day during set breaks he will be hosting a meet and greet and sharing personal stories about his art.

This year his art show coincides with the three day run of Widespread Panic. No doubt, Scramble will also be painting during the three shows. Each of these paintings will be shown in the Visitors Center and labeled daily so you can stop by to see the creations before they completely dry.

Please come in to the Red Rocks Amphitheater Visitorís Center. It is located at the top of the amphitheater at the Hall of Fame. There will be plenty of eye candy to feast on. Hope to see you there! One Love One Art-
Widespread Panic
Widespread Panic
Widespread Panic